1. In the year 2002, S. S. College produce best graduate from Assam University, Silchar. Mr. Uday Shankar Chakroborty of Department of Mathematics got the award of Best graduate from Assam University, Silchar.


2. In the year 2008, the college again got another golden achievement by producing another best graduate from Assam University. Mr. Arpan Paul of Department of Zoology was awarded best graduate by Assam University, Silchar.


3. Mr. Akshay Saha, a student of H.S. Second Year Science secured 6th (Sixth) Position in the Higher Secondary (Science) Final Examination conducted by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council AHSEC in the year 2014.


4. The college was Re-accredited as ‘A’ Grade College with CGPA 3.12 by NAAC on 30th Nov 2011. This is the only ‘A’ Grade College in the southern Assam.


5. From the session 2013-14, the college opened a new stream (Commerce Stream). Which open a new dimention for the student of this locality. Students are now able to persue B. Com Cources from this college.


6. As a higher educational institute The college received many UGC sponsored Major and minor research projects which are strengthening the research activity of the college. Research facility is now available in the college.



7. The star college project was sanctioned in the year 2012 to this college by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi .


The Department o f Biotechnology, Ministry o f Science & Technology established Biotech Hub in S. S. College Hailakandi during the financial y ear 2011-12 under the special programme for the North Eastern States to promote education and research in Biotechnology and to attract brilliant young students to build their career in the multidisciplinary subject areas. The biotech hub, S. S. College is equipped with modern scientific instruments like PCR, Gel Documentation system, with uninterrupted power supply. The hub arrange hands on training programme to train the student and teacher o f the college and neighbouring institute and also support different scientific activities.

A Glimpse o f different activities o f the hub during the session 2017 -18


Five days Hands on training on Basic Microbiological techniques from 8thto 12th March 2017 was organised by the hub .The main target group o f the training programme was the students o f U G level.


One invited lecture on Basic Bioinformatics was organised. Prof. M. Dutta Choudhury and Prof. parthankar Choudhury from Assam University, Silchar delivered lecture. This year on 28th Feb 2017, the hub organised a Poster Presentation session. Students from Guru charan College also participated in that programme.


1. NAME: Dr. Pinak Pani Nath Choudhury

    DESIGNATION: Coordinator

2. NAME: Mr. Chitrajit Malakar

    DESIGNATION: Senior Research Fellow

3. NAME: Mr. Abdul Aziz Choudhury

    DESIGNATION: Laboratory Technician


1. No student will be allowed to submit his/her application, unless his/her application for

admission is duly countersigned by the Parent / Guardian.

2. Every Student should attend his/her classes punctually.

3. Consumption or chewing of tobacco/intoxicant in any form by the students within college

campus is strictly prohibited.

4. No student should use mobile phone in the Institution. If detected such hand set will be

confiscated by the disciplinary committee or by the college authority.

5. Any student who is will-fully insubordinate, mischievous or guilty of malpractice in

examinations or guilty of any grave offence may be, according to the degree of the offence

done, suspended or rusticated from the institute by the Principal.

6. Any student who is found to have secured admission by producing false documents

shall be summarily rejected and his/her fees will be forfeited. Students who fail to

maintain a high sense of discipline in the class room and in the college premises will liable

to be punished by the Principal.

7. Perfect discipline must be maintained in the classrooms and in the campus.

8. All the students will have to wear the prescribed uniform. Without uniform students will

not be allowed to attend the class.

9. Candidate not securing 75% attendance will not be allowed to sit for the examination.

10. Absence or leave without permission is considered a breach of discipline which may lead

any punishment considered fit by the Principal.

11. Fees once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances or transferred to any other

course or person.

12. Decision of the management will be final in all matters.

13. Students are expected to take proper care of the institution’s property and to keep the

premises neat and tidy.

14. Candidates selected for admission should produce a declaration form duly signed by the

candidate and counter signed by the guardian, before joining the institution.

15. The management has the right to reschedule the class timings.

16. Any student found involved in ragging will be expelled immediately from the

institution as per the regulation passed by the Govt, of India and orders of Hon’ble


17. No student will be allowed to take part in any game tournament n favour of any other institution clubs etc. other than the college team without prior permission from the proper authority.




To encourage a sense of discipline and to foster a spirit of uniformity and oneness among the students, the college authority has introduced a new set of dress code for the college students replacing the old one from the academic session 2012-13.


All the students are, therefore, to wear the college uniform compulsorily as per the specification given below.


For Girls :-

1. Round Neck

2. Full / Half Sleeve

3. Simple Salwar (no leggings allowed)

4. Navy Blue Dopatta

5. Navy Blue Scarf

6. Black Shoes


For Boys :-

1. Full / Half shirt

2. Navy Blue Tie

3. Black Shoes

4. Single Pocket in shirt

5. Single Pocket on back of the Pant

6. Students have to be in their Shirt

During The Winter

1. Navy Blue Full / Half Sweater.

NB:-  Students are asked to see the office notice board to have detail information about the College.


Every student is required to avail of the college Identity Card issued by the authority without fail. Old Identity Cards are to be surrendered at the end of the academic session for renewal.



Each student shall have to attend a minimum of 75% Lectures/ Tutorials/ Practical classes In each paper of all the courses as per the recommended Course Structure of the concerned programme of study.


Class Attendance shall be calculated based on actual number of classes held during each semester in each course/ paper. Number of decimal be rounded off to next higher number (e .g ., 74.01% be rounded off to 75%).


Only the students with 75% and above of attendance in any paper (excluding “Additional GE Course, if any) of the concerned semester shall be allowed to appear In the concerned paper n that End Semester Examination (ES E ).


However, a student with less than 7 5% of attendance In any paper (excluding any paper of Additional GE Course, if any) of the concerned semester shall NOT be allowed to appear in the concerned paper of that ESE but may be allowed to get admission In the immediate next higher semester. However, such a student may appear in the subsequent similar ESE (odd/even) in the concerned paper as an Arrear Paper and, marks to be awarded under CCA for each paper shall be the marks previously secured by the student in the concerned paper.


Note: Marks under CCA shall be carried forward as per above Rule only if the student secure pass mark in the Unit Test of the concerned paper else he/ she shall have to appear in Unit Test in the concerned paper along with the regular students in the concerned semester to secure minimum pass mark allotted for CCA of the concerned paper.


Distribution of marks for Class attendance will be as per the guideline laid down in the table APX.C.3.9 of TDC CBCS Guideline of Assam University, Silchar.